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For the time traveler, to walk in another man's shoes is to be another man.

Trebor Lane dreams of the yesteryears that should have been his. In front of the mirror he's Indiana Jones and Alexander the Great rolled into one…and then stuffed into an 8th grader’s squatty body. He's an incessant dreamer, a Sunday school drop-out, and an easy target for school spies...and worse.

When Trebor accidentally wins a rigged history bee, the bully Jeffery Randalls gives him a week to pay a price he couldn't afford in three lifetimes.  But no worries: he has an ace in the hole, a time machine built to fix the unfixable -- at least, theoretically.

But instead of traveling back to the night of the ill-fated History Bee, the machine drops him off in 1st century Philippi, where a dusty pair of sandals, a backpack to the gut, and a case of mistaken identity turns Trebor Lane into Piso, a lovesick errand boy and an unenthusiastic messenger of God.

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