Friday, June 21, 2013

Man of Steel - A Two-Minute Movie Review

Man of Steel is a lazy, often brilliant, too often rudderless, over-CGI’d letdown.  The man of steel deserves better than this. We can all hope its inevitable sequels are given a more loving touch. Under Zach Snyder, Superman is too far removed from the hero we’ve come to know and love.
Yes, there are many things to love about Man of Steel. The background story is developed better than in any of the previous films. Henry Cavill seems born to play the lead role, adding his unique take to the renowned character, whereas Brandon Routh from Superman Returns proved to be simply a Christopher Reeve lookalike.  I also liked Krypton’s depiction, this time fully realized as a planet in peril, both from inside and within its leadership. But the problems with Man of Steel far outweigh its positives.

First, the fight scenes are too reminiscent of the unnatural, blurring scenes from the first series of Spiderman movies. In comparison, I never sensed while watching Christopher Nolan’s Batman films that the action pieces were nothing more than a collection of ones and zeros. In Man of Steel, I too often saw Superman and General Zod as CGI warriors instead of flesh-and-blood combatants. Was Snyder simply attempting to showcase their speed and strength? Maybe so. And it didn’t work. Second, the characters in this film make ignorant decisions. I can’t elaborate without spoiling things, but pay attention to the climactic battle and ask yourself why Superman flies off to take care of things in a barren wasteland while Lois Lane and co. are left to hold down the fort in Metropolis (while hundreds of citizens are put in harm’s way).

Man of Steel is nothing short of a letdown. I’ll leave it at that and hope for better sequels.


They seem to do the best with what their given. Cavill’s superman is fully developed and believable.  I’d like to have seen more from Lawrence Fishburne’s Perry White, but he played the previously spastic and over-the-top newspaper man close to the vest.


A mixed bag. I sense they could have used a few more meetings.

Special effects


Man of Steel is rated PG13.

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